Procedure for registration of the design in India

Step 1: Application for Registration-

Filing of an application along with prescribed details. An application for the registration shall be made in the patent office in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee. The class in which the design is to be registered must be specified in the application and the article(s) to which it is to be applied. There are separate applications that need to be filed for each class of articles.

Step 2: Objection-

After filing an application and examination, the registrar may raise an objection. If there is any objection, then the applicant will be asked to make necessary amendments so as to register the design and nullify the objection.

Step 3: Reply-

If the objection is raised, it has to be responded. Upon the clearance of all the objections, the design must be granted by the patent office. 

Step 4: Grant-

Design may grant on the basis of given replies.

Once the design is granted to an applicant, the duration of the registered design is initially for 10 years from the date of registration. This term can be extended by a further period of 5 years, by filing a prescribed form with the fee, to the Controller prior to the expiry of the said initial term.