Cost for registration of the patent in India:

Patentability Search: 10000 INR

Step 1:

Complete specification drafting and filing:

Service fees: 20000 INR

Government fees:

Basic Application fees: 15000 INR

Additional claim fees in excess of 10 claims: 300 INR/Claim

Additional page fees in excess of 30 pages: 150 INR/Claim

Time needed: 10 Days

Step 2:

Completing other formalities like Form 3, Form 5, Request for Early publication, Request for examination:

Government fees: 7150 INR (Patent request for early publication fees (Optional): 2500 INR, Patent request for Normal examination fees: 4000 INR (Additional 4000 INR for expedited examination for Female applicants and Startups)

Service fees: 5000 INR

Time Needed: 5 working days

Step 3:

Replying to objections and Getting final Patent (Includes attending hearing and response to examination report):

Service fees: 20000 INR

Time Needed: 5 working days