Procedure for registering the Trademark in India

Step 1: Trademark Search

The very first step of the procedure is to conduct a thorough search on availability on Trademarks. It will provide clear information about similar/ identical trademarks in the market.

 Step 2: Filing Trademark Application in India

The next task is to filing of an application form with Trademark Registry. The application has to be made in the prescribed manner along with the fee. A separate application has to be filed for each class.

 Step 3: Examination & Objection

The Trademark Officer then reviews the application for correctness and issue a trademark examination report. The Trademark Officer has the ability to accept the trademark registration application and allow for trademark journal publication or object the trademark registration application.

Step 4: Response

Sometimes the examiner might have some questions about your application. This is sent to you as a trademark objection notice and you need to respond to it within 30 days or the applicant has to appear before the Trademark Officer.

Step 5: Registration Certificate

Once there are no objections or oppositions for the trademark registration application, the trademark registration certificate will be issued.